The Small Voices

we might not have the vote, but we do have a voice

Saying what we all want to say.

A sweep of red brings hope to British politics.

My aim here is to write the truth which our government tries its best to deny. I’m not going to give you my age, my location, and I’m certainly not giving my name. By posting anonymously, I feel that I can say more.

I can’t vote, and I’m one of the many thousands of young people whose ambitions have suddenly became much more complicated. I feel that, just because it’s not in the news, it doesn’t mean it’s not still relevant. There are still huge numbers of potential students who are protesting for their right to a good education, because we can’t all turn to mummy and daddy for upwards of £40,000 to pay off the many debts we will have acquired in under three years.

I think what really persuaded me to write this was when my privately educated parents rolled their eyes and laughed when I mentioned how I probably wouldn’t ever own my own house. They told me I’d just have to take out a student loan, and that I’d pay the money back when I was earning enough.

Well, the fact is, thereareno jobs. People who were able to learn for free don’t understand what these loans entail: while they spent university and the years after carefree and having fun, we will spend them trying to push our massive debts to the back of our mind, with limited success.

I’m working class. I’m not denying it—if anything, I’m proud of it. Let me repeat: working class. Not a chav. There’s a difference. I’m from a state school—and a not great one at that. You can see where I’ll have a disadvantage when it comes to Oxford.

I feel that our coalition’s thought process seems to be: ‘We certainly can’t allow the less fortunate the oppurtunites they deserve in what’s supposed to be an equal society’.

So I’m saying what is relevant to young, working class people like myself, who are fearing for their future. You might disagree with me, you might think I’m stupid. I don’t really care. I’m simply speaking the truth when no one else has the courage to.